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On the personal side we offer Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Annuities and other various financial products through Advocate Financial Services. We do not offer property and casualty insurance at this time.

Insurance Service

You are very concerned about the safety of the car that you have recently bought. Therefore, you have purchased an insurance policy for your car. You also remain worried about your house and the valuables that you have purchased with your hard-earned money. What about you, the man behind all the wealth that is there in your life? This is where we come into picture. We are the leading life insurance service provider in Tampa and its surrounding areas in the state of Florida.

We provide peace of mind through a solid cover on your life

Life insurance is a product that we sell through Advocate Financial Services. Other financial products like health insurance and annuities are also sold through this company. If you are not having any cover over your head, it is time to buy a life insurance policy. This policy will make sure that your loved ones do not suffer from financial difficulties in case you are gone because of an accident.  Life is precious, and no one likes to think about his own death. But this is a reality of life and if you are the breadwinner for your family, you should buy a life insurance policy to make sure that your family lives comfortably even after you are gone.

Best insurance policy that meets your requirements

Buy buying a life insurance policy form us, you can not only get cover for your life but also buy lots of peace of mind. This peace of mind is necessary for you to be able to work freely and with full efficiency in your profession or business. Give us a call to know about various life insurance products that we have. We will find you the best insurance policy that matches your requirements and provides a solid cover to your life.

Health insurance is another kind of insurance policy that is a must for you. We have a wide range of health insurance products that will provide you with financial assistance in case you are afflicted with a serious ailment or become victim of an accident with broken limbs. If you have the cover of health insurance, you can at least avoid the financial blow that comes in the form of hospital bills and medical treatment. Buy a health insurance cover and forget all your worries of expensive treatment in a hospital.

Annuities to get rid of fear of outliving your money

We sell annuities to invest your money so that it keeps growing and is not eaten by inflation. Annuities guarantee payments at a later stage and these payments are in increased amounts to cover for inflationary pressures. These payments continue for the rest of your life to make sure that you never run out of money. You also get advantage of deferred tax payments by buying these annuities. We have many wonderful options for you if you are interested in investing in annuities. Just give us a call and our representative will give you information about attractive annuity options for you.