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We have prepared and filed over 10,000 tax returns for individuals and businesses. From Form 1040, 1040NR, 1040X, 1120, 1120s, 1065, 8362 to name the main ones. Prices will vary of course based on the complexity of the tax return. Note: The IRS requires you to report any income that you have to be reported in the respective year. Form 4868 for extensions are also handled with a phone call or appointment.

Tax Preparation and Filing Services

Prepare and Filing of income tax returns is necessary for all individuals and businesses. Whatever you earn is subject to income tax and what is important is not your income but what you are eligible to keep after paying your taxes. Incorrect or delayed filing of returns can be a source of trouble for any business. We provide fast and efficient income tax preparation Tampa FL and tax filing services to our clients that include both individuals and businesses. Different forms are used by different entities for filing their returns. Some of the most common forms are 1120, 1120s, 1040, and 1040 X, 1040NR, 8362, and 1065. Our charges for tax preparation and filing taxes for our clients vary depending upon the complexity of their income sources and records.

Accurate tax preparation and filing with all deductions

We have a team of expert accountants who have the latest and most up to date knowledge about all provisions of the income tax laws. They know that the most important thing when filing a tax return is to report income from all sources in a respective year. It is our aim to save as much money as possible for our clients through application of various provisions of income tax laws.

Tax filing need not be complicated and daunting

Tax Preparation and filing can be a big challenge for many people and businesses as they are not aware of what to tax and what to consider as income. This is why it becomes necessary to hire the best tax filing service. We at have helped thousands of clients in preparing and filing their income tax returns in time with great efficiency. We rely upon the financial documents provided to us by our clients including salary stubs and balance sheets when preparing their income tax returns. Do not scratch your head wondering what to do when it is time to file your income tax return. Just call us and we will do the needful for you and help you in filing your accurate tax return.

Why choose us for Preparing and filing your income tax return

We are the number one choice for our clients when it comes to filing their income tax returns in Tampa and other parts of Florida. The reason lies in the huge experience and the expertise of our staff members. We have certified accountants who have been filing income tax returns for our clients in diverse industries for a very long time. These accountants continue to receive in house training to keep them updated with latest provisions of the income tax laws.

Excellent customer care support system

At, we understand the anxiety of our clients at the time of filing their income tax returns. We have a solid support system where we are there all the time to answer the queries of our clients. We try to calm down their nerves and assure them of smooth filing of their returns.

Income tax refunds

Many of our clients are eligible for income tax refunds. We provide all help to these clients in getting back their money through our income tax services.

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