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You are the reason we started this business. We began as solely a tax prep company and quickly realized that there was an unmet need of business owners. They found that there were many areas that they needed guidance or full outsourcing of their payroll, bookkeeping, taxes, and many other business services. Separately these tasks can be costly in regards to time and financial resources.

We offer packages for all of these together. However, if you are only needing one service we have you covered.

We go as far as being able to offer workman’s comp on a pay-by-pay basis. What this means to you is no more 25% down for your workman’s compensation policy. It can be calculated on a per-payroll run and paid on each payroll. Clients typically love this option because it is more predictable helping with cash flows.

Call us today for a free consultation. Ask us anything you would like. Be prepared to get asked questions that you may not have thought of yet. We not only work for you, but we work with you. We can not be successful unless you are. We want to make sure all of your bases are covered and make sure you are protected from penalties or fines from inadequate payroll service or filings.

We are unique in that we serve a segment of small businesses that no one else truly caters to. We pride ourselves in adding tremendous value to your organization. When utilizing our services we will also offer free advice on tax strategies. We do not charge consulting fees or ask for money up front for this. We simply meet with you, review payroll costs and can sometimes provide better solutions. Our structure allows us to pass savings directly to your business.

Our typical process for working with a new customer is a quick call to completely understand your needs. We will then make a recommendation and give you a price. Most of our clients find tremendous value in our pricing. We have been known to save people up to 25% switching from Paychex or ADP.

We send out the onboarding paperwork that will take less than 3 mins to complete, most is signatures. There is some paperwork that is emailed to you and once completed we are almost there.

Finally your employees will be added to the payroll system. Based on what level of service you require would be next steps. At the basic level we will provide you with your login credentials to add people, pay rates, and account information. Once this is in you can make any changes that you wish (add people, remove people, or update employees direct deposit information.

Finally, submit your payroll and sit back and let us handle all of the taxes, reemployment tax to states, etc.

You know those commercials about paying for channels that you don’t watch? That’s how we feel with pricing as well. There should not be a one size fits all pricing for service. Some businesses require more bells and whistles, some do not. If you do not, we feel you shouldn’t have to pay for them.

There are a several variables into pricing for payroll. It’s no secret that it is a function of payroll frequency (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, etc) and how many employees you have. These are the main questions we will ask you.

MY Services also will not charge you any additional fees at the end of the year for W2’s and/or 1099’s (most competitors do charge for this, and it can be costly if you have turnover in your business)

Before you start the process there are two main mindsets:

A company that has payroll service already will already know the drill and will find the personal touch that we provide and the ability to pick up the phone and talk to someone, a real person, to be refreshing.

If you have never hired a payroll company to handle all the tasks that, if done incorrectly, can lead to penalties and fines from state or local government agencies. Think about the time it takes to handle these things, think about the worry of quarterly or annual workman’s comp payments, think about what value can you bring back to your organization if your time was freed up.

We work with restaurants, companies in an office setting, chamber of commerce(s), delivery services, trade companies (plumbing, electricians, etc) to name a few. If you have employees, we can help you.

We also work with single member LLC’s or entities taxed as S-Corp’s to significantly reduce their tax liability on a personal side, ultimately keeping more money in the your pocket.

Did you know? 89% of small businesses say they are more successful because they work with an accountant. We are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

MyServices USA


  • Customer satisfaction and respect.
  • Placing your interests first.
  • Providing superior work quality.
  • The highest standard of integrity.
  • Being reliable for our clients.


accounting and bookkeeping services lakeland fl


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lakeland bookkeeping services

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accounting and bookkeeping services lakeland fl

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accounting and bookkeeping services lakeland fl


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accounting and bookkeeping services lakeland fl

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