small business financial services


Next Day Funding You can run payroll services as late as the day before and receive next day funding.

Direct Deposit and Cash Pay Cards Direct deposit is the easiest method for paying employees, but if employees do not have a bank account we have you covered. We offer Global Cash Cards at no additional costs to you that we can pay your employee through direct deposit.

Federal, State, and Local Tax Reporting Helping to keep your business up to date with all levels of tax reporting and payments is just another service we provide at no additional cost.

Department Tracking: Whether you have a small business or multiple areas of the “house” we can breakdown payroll services by department to see where you can improve if looking to reduce payroll spend. This has been very useful for our clients in tracking productivity.

Payroll Taxes We will file payroll taxes and reporting for your employees. It’s just one less thing you will have to check off your list. Make time to work “on” your business and not “in” it

General Ledger Imports Once payroll is complete, we can produce a general ledger import file for most common accounting software suites. Avoid the mistakes and time lost from hand keying numbers. Instead, just click and you’re done.

W-2 printing We print your W-2 forms. We’ll not only mail the required paper copy but we’ll make them available online for your employees as well.

Put all your Worries about Payroll Services to End with Us

We are the leading Payroll companies in Tampa FL and Lakeland areas of Florida. We provide comprehensive and tailor-made payroll services to our clients to allow them to focus on their business in a much better manner.  It is time to say good bye to all the chaos associated with HR, benefits, and payroll as our cloud-based payroll system seamlessly integrates with your business needs. You cannot only view but also process payroll from anywhere and anytime. Our payroll package is totally secure and very convenient to use. It is also highly secure to give access to only the authorized few in your organization.

Salient features of our payroll service system

Easy and fast set up- Add employees and you are ready to go

Run payroll in just a few minutes- It takes just a few minutes to run our payroll services system

Makes payday a fun day- All employees get emails with links to their paystubs. No more complaints as our payroll system pays and files all your federal, state, and local taxes.

Our payroll services system is online and flexible to meet all your business needs.

  • Compatible for all 50 states
  • Takes care of all federal, state, and local taxes through electronic payments
  • Fit for 1 to hundreds of employees
  • Direct deposit
  • Calculates standard pay and all commissions and bonuses
  • Works with multiple schedules and different pay rates
  • Allows setting up of employees online
  • Payroll runs on its own with no manual work required
  • Applies all standard and custom deductions
  • Annual filings of 1099s and W-2s
  • Ready to respond to any queries made by IRS

Saves you from penalties

There is a requirement from all states to report new hiring. Our payroll services system can provide our clients with online and paper garnishments to comply with provisions of their state in this regard.

At Companies), we believe that payroll need not be complicated and a headache for the management. Therefore, our payroll system is loved by our clients. It is easy to set up and use and proves to be very affordable for organizations of all sizes. Our clients do not need to download any software and they do not need to undergo any kind of training for set up and use of our payroll system. There are no overheads associated with maintenance of our payroll system. It is a highly accurate and reliable payroll system that takes care of your workforce management. You can channelize all your energies towards other crucial aspects of your business by hiring our services for your payroll management.

Once you start to use our payroll system, you will find that there are no more complaints from employees regarding incorrect salary checks. You will also become free from worries of all your tax compliance worries. All your taxes are prepared and filed with the IRS on a regular basis.

Call us today to know how we can help you with your payroll services Tampa issues.